Philosophy - My experience with the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti
What I learned from Jiddu Krishnamurti I discovered J. Krishnamurti when I was actually reading a book written by Eckhart Tolle, "A New Earth". I was always fascinated by people who achieved a state of calmness, understanding and most important to me, people who are willing to share with others their experiences in a non-invasive way, without trying to sell you a 5 days treatment that will change your life radically. Being a self-diagnosed ADHDer, I am in a constant look of ways to calm my mind, continue reading
Reasons I started this blog
I love reading I think people should follow their passion, and a few days ago I was thinking about the things that I love doing and would like to do every single day... I made a list and it looks like this: Reading (mostly non-fictional book) Big fan of Podcasts, YouTube channels (any kind of learning streams) Talking (I talk a lot) Explaining Socializing Brain/ Neuroscience Facts Plain truth Football & F1 Philosophy & Spirituality Jokes & things that make me laugh This morning, whilst I was trying continue reading


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