Our real friends and the “so-called” friends – the differences

Our real friends and the so called friends - the differences

The difference between real friends and “so-called” friends  It is quite difficult to tell the difference between real friends and “so-called” friends if you don’t pay attention carefully. Real friends can hurt your feelings but they will only do it to wake you up from something bad that you are going through The “so-called” friends...

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Why gifted people waste their talent and how to reach your full potential?

Why gifted people waste their talent and how to reach your full potential

It always intrigued me why so many gifted, smart and talented people waste their talent and don’t reach their full potential. Is it lack of courage, ignorance, fear or a feeling of “know it all”? Personally, I appreciate immensely the talent, the capacity to understand complex ideas and to create...

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Reasons I’m starting this blog

Reasons I started this blog

I love reading I think people should follow their passion, and a few days ago I was thinking about the things that I love doing and would like to do every single day… I made a list and it looks like this: Reading (mostly non-fictional book) Big fan of...

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