5 Ways to Learn Better and Faster

“Develop a passion for learningIf you doyou will never cease to grow”. Anthony J. D’Angelo

Learning is the best way to grow, to achieve the dreams we set in life. We should develop a passion for learning, as Anthony J. D’Angelo stated in his quote.

Learning is immensely rewarding as it will give you powers to achieve the dreams in life you never thought possible in the past.

When you start to learn, you will be able for example to build your own website, write your own book, create your own music, paint beautiful landscapes or portraits, travel the world and work from any place you want.

By learning, we open infinite paths to infinite futures. Take control of your future by learning today the skill you always dreamed of.

To help you with the process of learning, I have listened to 5 ways that can help you make this easier, enjoyable and more effective.

1. Study the information using different methods and multiple sources

Read books relevant to your subject of interest. In books, authors offer detailed information about the subject and most likely will offer additional sources to help you further.

Watch online videos. Searching on YouTube or any other video platform, for short or medium length videos related to your topic. You can find some impressive videos out there that can help your along the way. Create a playlist and save them for future review.

Subscribe to a learning platform (most of them offer 30 days free access) and watch their tutorials. Learning platforms structure their material in the right order and in this way you will learn the basics in the correct order. For any new topic that you decide to learn, you need to remember that the basics are extremely valuable. Don’t jump to the advanced parts from the start as this will create confusion, make you feel overwhelmed and there are high chances you will quit learning.

The advantage of online platforms compared to classrooms is that you can pause, rewind or set the speed to more than x1 in case the tutor speaks too slowly for you 🙂

Read summaries written by other people. You might be surprised by someone’s view of explaining the topic and help you understand it better.

When possible, always try to teach others what you have learned. This is the best way to memorize the information for the long run (long-term memory).

2. Try to study different topics in a day, instead of focusing several hours on the same subject

Our brain needs time to process the information we learn and make associations. If you spend several hours studying the same subject, chances are that you will get confused, understand information wrong, and it might feel like nothing makes sense at times.

Instead, choose to study different subjects in a day as you will have a continuous flow of new information to absorb. This will make you feel better and your brain will thank you as you will give it time to put information in the right places and consolidate it correctly.

It is also important to take regular breaks. Having a 5 minutes break every 30 – 40 minutes will help you by increasing your focus, help you retain the information better and reduce stress.

3. Be consistent. Review the information periodical instead of trying to remember it all after 2 – 3 weeks.

Reviewing the information is extremely important, as the brain works with so-called short-term and long-term memory. If the information is reviewed periodically, every 2 – 3 days, you will help the connections in the brain between neurons. Remember, neurons that fire together hold together.

The more a certain pathway is fired between neurons, the stronger it gets. There is no need to overdo it, once every 2 – 3 days should be more than enough until you are confident and can easily remember the information.

4. Remove multitasking from your CV and definitely don’t use it when you learn.

Stick to this! If you want to do something extremely well, it will require your entire attention. There is no such thing of multitasking when you are performing an important action.

Brain surgeons do not operate and write text messages at the same time, crane operators don’t move heavy weights at 50 meters up in the air and watch the latest Netflix TV Show.

There are a series of studies related to multitasking that are showing how multitasking makes you more distracted and less productive.

5. Write the information that you learn on paper, by hand!

The processes that take place in our brain when we write down information by hand, are extremely beneficial for the long-term memory. As you write, your attention is focused on this process, you repeat the information in your brain and this way it will be better imprinted in your memory.

At the same time, writing on your laptop or PC might be distracting at times as you could get notifications on your screen from various sources. Stick to paper and pen and the information you assimilate will be greater.

Seneca, the famous Roman Stoic philosopher, quoted that: “While we teach, we learn.”

I hope all the above information will be of help to you and make your dreams come true faster.

Many thanks


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  1. Bryoni Burns 1 year ago

    This is great. Thank you for the advice 😁

  2. Victoria Wilson 1 year ago

    I couldn’t agree more with writing the information down that you learn, I know for me that I remember it a lot better this way. I used to think I was a great multi-tasker but now I’m very much a “one task” type of person, it’s a much better way to work I believe.

    • Author
      Iv 1 year ago

      I love writing down information on paper, I can remember it so much better and then if needed I can write in down on the laptop.
      Multitasking was a mistake instated by corporations, people become robots and creativity went down.
      Thank you for your comment Victoria!

  3. Author
    Iv 1 year ago

    My pleasure Bryoni Burns. Have a great day.

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