Characteristics of a humble person

Humble persons are the definition of beautiful people, of people that you love to have around you, they are the people for who you would truly suffer if something bad would happen to them.

Being humble comes from the heart, it comes from the real you. We all have this inside us, we just need to leave our shields down and be ourselves. When we are in touch with our modest side and genuinely put other’s needs in front of ours, because we feel like it, we become beautiful people – the real definition of beauty.

I am lucky to know a few humble people and to have them in my life. They always have something to offer and you always have something to learn from them.

I think they are the ones who stand out from this world of wolfs we live in, where everyone wants to be the next “Wolf of Wall Street”, where we all think of the survival of the fittest.

It’s not that they put their needs in front of others, they just don’t seem to think too much about themselves.

They have a genuine interest in the world, in others and want to help, discover, push boundaries without any gains in mind.

They are not afraid to try new things, they are not afraid to lose because their primary focus is not themselves, but others.

Slowly, wolfs are being replaced by people who deserve all that is good in life, the humble ones. Employees appreciate them as they stand by their side, they collaborate, they put the staff needs in front of theirs. They motivate and stand by a promise made to them.

No-one likes people who will step on anyone to advance in their career. People will follow a great leader, with real values, despise a selfish one and dream of the day they will have a new leader to follow, one that cares about them. 

Who wouldn’t follow someone humble, when you know that any decision they take is in the best interests of everyone? Nobody likes conflict, we all want peace and happiness.

Humility forms a sense of community, of a united group and a feeling of harmony.

Humility is a virtue, one of the best that people can have. Confucius said that humility is “the solid foundation of all virtues”.

We need to cherish our humble friends and never forget that they will put our best interest in front of theirs if needed.

They are truly amazing. 

Have a great day,

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