Follow your passion. Just do it!

What are you passionate about?

Do you like to paint, cook, repair stuff, write, build websites, etc? We are all special, talented and have unique gifts. There is a way for everyone, you just need to look inside you and don’t give up until you find it. All the people that you admire wherein the same place as you when they started, what got them where they are today is that they kept on searching until they found their gift.

I know it is difficult, most of us don’t have a passion, or can’t figure out what it might be. It is difficult to find your call, your meaning in life, that “something” that makes you jump out the bed in the morning and say: “I am excited, I am happy to start my day and do what I love”.

At the same time, some people found their talent but haven’t got time to explore it. This happens because we come back from work tired, stressed out, and just want to relax. And you should do because a stressed and worn out brain can’t produce anything creative.

Now, imagine earning your income, doing the thing that you love. How great would that be? For example, if you love photography, you could:

  • sell your pictures online;
  • take pictures at a wedding or a party
  • create personalized items using your photos and a bit of  Photoshop

There are so many ideas out there. People these days buy creative items, they like homemade products. If you want to be a florist, then study it, play with flowers, create floral arrangements. Be the BEST FLORIST in the world and you could set up the floral arrangement at a 5* hotel in Dubai.

If you like fixing cars, then practice it, buy a very cheap car and dismantle it and assemble it back, study different car models and components. Be the BEST CAR MECHANIC in the world and you could have your own car mechanical shop. You can start in front of your house and build from there. You don’t need fancy tools to start with. First need to learn how to use the tools and what to do with them, how a car works. Slowly you can earn money, reinvest them in tools, parts and one day you can have your own shop.

Indeed, it is not simple at all. You need to understand that no-one succeeds overnight, with 0 hours invested. You can’t be great, earn money out of it and do this as your full-time job, without sacrifices. It is your choice, as you can go to a 9 to 5 job that you don’t like and keep on doing it simply because it pays the bills. Yes, you need to pay the bills, that’s why you need to take care of your passion after work, in your spare time, on weekends.

Wake up 1 hour early, and in a year you will total 365 hours invested in your passion. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but believe me, it is. On weekends you can invest 2 hours instead of 1, and you will then have a total of approximately 500 hours a year. The more you invest in it, the more you get out of it.

You can complain that your job sucks and you don’t have time for anything else, or you can take action. Invest in your passion and slowly leave the job that you don’t like and build the job that you love. Just imagine how great you will feel when someone will pay you to do the thing that you love. You will do a great job for them, they will be happy and you will be happy at the same time.

Nowadays, we have access to free online courses, free articles, free books. You find everything online, you have all the materials in the world that you need. If you are looking for ideas, if you don’t know what your passions might be, simply open Google and type “list of hobbies”. Or go to the library and check all the sections, read book titles and see if anything inspires you.

We should all follow our passion, our dreams. How do you know you won’t succeed, if you don’t even try. Staying in a job that you don’t like, for 40 years, should be a good enough motive to seek your passion and do something out of it.

I would love to hear what your passions are and the journey you took to discover them.


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