How to decide what to do with your valuable time

How many time have you asked yourself “what now”?

Are you having a hard time deciding between going to the gym or not, reading a book or watching a movie, going out in town or staying indoors?

Do you often feel that you have to do some activities just because others are doing them? Do you feel like you have some sort of diary that needs its boxes ticked and this is your prime goal otherwise it will make you feel like an outsider?

I ask myself these questions so many times. I have a constant battle inside me, probably my brain is arguing with my heart and the way I feel.

For example, let’s think of Monday mornings. You arrive at your workplace and the first thing you hear is the following question:

    “so, how was your weekend? Have you done anything exciting?”,
and my answer is
     “aaa…not much”.
this gets a reply
     “awww… what happened?”.

It feels like something terrible has to happen in order for you to actually do nothing over the weekend or in your spare time.

I feel that we live in this world where we constantly need to do something, anything. We take pictures of the places we go to in order that people believe us that we went there, done that, so we don’t get a “poor guy”.

We are putting so much pressure on us, we spend most of our time completing tasks, ticking the boxes, putting pins on a map with the places that we visited. We stretch out credit cards for gadgets that we don’t need, simply because others have them.

We visit places that we don’t enjoy, just because the map on the living room wall, bought on eBay, needs pins on it.

I think we should only do what we want with our time and keep in mind that time flies and never comes back.

You won’t be able to bring back any of the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or years we lost doing what others consider normal.

If you watch Netflix just because your colleagues at work talk about TV shows all the time, it doesn’t mean that you need to do the same if you don’t fancy to.

You will never be able to please everyone so stop doing it. The only person you need to please is yourself. You live with yourself every second of the rest of your life.

Decide wisely how you want to spend your time as it can’t be bought, it is priceless…

You are able to rewind the TV show that you missed last night, but you can never rewind the time of your life that you spent buying items, watching TV shows or visiting places that you don’t need or enjoy.

Invest in your passion, travel to places you want to visit, do everything YOU want to do. If you want to admire the beach in December, then go in December. Stop spending the time to please others, stop ticking boxes just because others do. It’s all FAKE if you don’t appreciate doing them and it will only bring you unhappiness and huge credit card bills.

I’m not sure what to ask this time, so I would love to hear your question related to this subject.

Take care and never stop investing in yourself.


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