Our real friends and the so called friends - the differences

The difference between real friends and “so-called” friends 

It is quite difficult to tell the difference between real friends and “so-called” friends if you don’t pay attention carefully. Real friends can hurt your feelings but they will only do it to wake you up from something bad that you are going through The “so-called” friends won’t do this because they don’t really care about it.
I am extremely lucky to have seven real friends, two ladies and five gents, excluding my wife – she is my number one best friend. Five of us grew up together, ate from the same plate, slept in the same bed, cried on each other’s shoulder when our heart was crushed by our “first love”.
We yelled at each other, snapped at each other, criticized and told each other the hard truth. I love them to bits for this and I want to tell them that I couldn’t be the person I am today without them.Real friends are extremely rare to find and I believe that the more we advance in life, the more difficult it gets to find a person that you could trust to be part of your “real friends” circle.For me, real friends don’t have to call each other every single day in order to keep the friendship alive. I live in a different country than most of them and we see each other once or twice a year. We speak on the phone maybe once a month, but when we do this it feels like we haven’t spoken since yesterday.Real friends, genuinely care about you, about your family, about your problems. They are not jealous when you succeed in life, they don’t drag you down, they even encourage you to do silly things if this makes you feel better.When real friends don’t reply to your texts straight away, you don’t get pissed off as you know they will be there for you, they will join and stay by your side straight away if you really need them.

The “so-called” real friends will be most of the time the complete opposite. They will see a flaw, a weakness in you and will try to exploit it to the maximum. Being fake is easy, you just have to follow your goal, say everything you think the other person wants to hear and pretend that you care when you actually don’t.

We probably all know that person who smiles at us, asks us how we are and we simply don’t buy it. They are the people who everyone dislikes, the step-on-everyone kind of people, who have no drop of humility in them and only see their interests and gains out of everything. They are always busy when you need them and find different excuses not to be there when you need them.

Embrace your real friends, the few of them that everyone lucky enough on this earth, has. Never put money, cars or lovers in front of them. Remember all the times they were by your side, the times when they decided to stick by you, hear your sorrows and support you, instead of pretending to be busy, ignore your phone calls or simply forget about you.

Real friends are a gem compared to the “so-called” friends, that anyway time will distinguish for you. They will stand next to you on your wedding day, either as best men or maid of honours.  They will take care of your kid as they were theirs, they will laugh with you when you will be 70 and try to be there, next to you, on your last days on Earth.

I love my friends, the few that I have. I get goosebumps every time I think of the day they won’t be there anymore…

I want to invite you to mention the first letter of the first name of your real friends. I will start: A, A, J, O, P, R, T.

Many thanks for your time


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