What is green tea? Green tea is made from the same plant (Camellia sinensis) as used for black tea. The difference between the two is that the leaves for green tea have not been overly processed. This way, they retain their powerful green colour and all the beneficial health properties are mostly unharmed by the oxidation processes which is used to produce black tea. Black tea contains the same antioxidants, nutrients and phytochemicals as green tea, but the overall properties are significantly lower compared to those of green tea. If continue reading
How many time have you asked yourself "what now"? Are you having a hard time deciding between going to the gym or not, reading a book or watching a movie, going out in town or staying indoors? Do you often feel that you have to do some activities just because others are doing them? Do you feel like you have some sort of diary that needs its boxes ticked and this is your prime goal otherwise it will make you feel like an outsider? I ask myself these questions so many times. I continue reading
You often hear how reading a certain book transformed someone's life. You can find valuable lessons by reading, you can learn from others' mistakes or confirm your beliefs in a subject captivating to you. Reading can alter your emotions by hearing what others have experienced, by showing you that life isn't only about money, fame and power. Reading can bring you closer to your emotional side and open your eyes.Reading has a tremendous impact on the brain, and below are four ways this influences the brain and daily life.  1. Reading causes the brain to physically rewire itself When continue reading
Humble persons are the definition of beautiful people, of people that you love to have around you, they are the people for who you would truly suffer if something bad would happen to them. Being humble comes from the heart, it comes from the real you. We all have this inside us, we just need to leave our shields down and be ourselves. When we are in touch with our modest side and genuinely put other's needs in front of ours, because we feel like it, we continue reading
What are you passionate about? Do you like to paint, cook, repair stuff, write, build websites, etc? We are all special, talented and have unique gifts. There is a way for everyone, you just need to look inside you and don't give up until you find it. All the people that you admire wherein the same place as you when they started, what got them where they are today is that they kept on searching until they found their gift. I know it is difficult, most continue reading


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