Share your ideas. Share, share and share some more

Everyone has access to information these days. If you think you have an idea that no-one has thought about, you’re probably wrong. But I don’t see this as discouraging, au contraire, this gives me the chance to put my originality print on a common idea.

I think most of us have realized by know that sharing with others is the best thing someone can do to present their ideas, to get noticed, to get feedback. I really can’t understand the point of secrecy, not sharing information with the world as you think this will bring you benefits. People will find out sooner or later and you will then realize that there is no upper hand.

For example, at my workplace, I’ve told the Head of a department about a great online learning tool ( that can help the entire team and that isn’t expensive at all. After a couple of weeks, I spoke with a member of that team as I saw them struggling on YouTube, trying to learn something. I asked them why they aren’t using the tool I told their superior about, and they said that no-one informed them. You should have seen their face when I signed them up for the free month trial.

You might say that the manager didn’t have time to tell them, that he/she forgot. I don’t agree, helping your team develop, helping others should be the number one priority. When you find something great, you should share it then, don’t postpone it.

Great people in history made the world better by sharing their story, their information, their discoveries. Think about a world without Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Henry Ford, and so many others.

I love sharing my thoughts with others even if the thoughts sound great in my head but for some might sound silly. It just means that my thoughts aren’t for everybody and I’m happy about that.

Sharing makes the world a better place, your idea might grow using constructive feedback.

Speak, don’t keep the ideas just for you

  • Everyone can change the world
  • You need to trust yourself more
  • Don’t beat yourself up

Don’t be afraid that others might steal your ideas. We are all unique, your ideas are unique. No-one can replicate your uniqueness however much time they’ll try.

What about you? How do you feel about sharing with others?

Take care and trust yourself


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