Stepping out of your comfort zone

Why is it so difficult to step out of your comfort zone?

Our brain thrives on security and anything outside its security zone is perceived as a threat. Our subconscious will do anything possible to convince you that your passion is not worth exploring as it involves to much work, to much time.

The thought of you relaxing on the couch after a long day at work, the idea of coming home and studying, struggling, it’s daunting.

I started so many things (wood carving, buying and selling stuff on eBay, photography, programming, networking – IT, etc.) and the excitement was huge at the beginning, already seeing myself having a business, being rich, being my own boss.

After a few days, the excitement is drooping as you start to realize how much work it is involved and slowly you start to drift out.

Walking to work today, I had a mental dialogue with my “future child” that I would like to share with all of you:

“Dad, my colleagues at school go on holidays, have lots of toys, their parents always come and pick them from school. How come we don’t have the same?

I am truly sorry child, we can’t afford it.

Why not dad, how come they can and we can’t?

I do apologize child. You see, before you were born, dad couldn’t spare 1 hour a day to follow his passion, to learn something new, to struggle to improve himself. This could have brought him a second income, a small business that would probably allow him to do the things that you want.

Dad was too lazy to spare 1 hour a day; he instead spent 4 hours watching the TV, surfing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, playing video games and drinking with his friends.

Why would someone choose to do that?

I know child, it sounds very stupid, I am really sorry that you have to suffer now.”

What you should always remember:

  • the best investment in life is the one you make in yourself
  • never give up
  • keep pushing even when it’s hard
  • never doubt yourself
  • always believe in yourself
  • the best things in life are on the other side of your comfort zone

The child I talk about is my drive, my motivator. It is my future child, it also reminds me of myself when I was little. I remember all the dreams that I had, all the things that I said I will do and I never did.

Life is tough, but doing what I love every single day make life so much better. Don’t waste your time in jobs that you don’t like, doing things that you hate…

What about you? What is your motivator in life? How do you step out of your comfort zone?

I would love to hear from you.

Take care,


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  1. […] Always aim to improve, invest in yourself, challenge everything and do not take anything for granted until you perfectly understood it and examined all the possibilities. Warren Buffett, explained that “the greatest investment in life is the one you do in yourself”. If you do not have the possibility at work to improve but you love your job, take 1 hour per day in the evening and study what you do at work. […]

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