Why gifted people waste their talent and how to reach your full potential

It always intrigued me why so many gifted, smart and talented people waste their talent and don’t reach their full potential. Is it lack of courage, ignorance, fear or a feeling of “know it all”? Personally, I appreciate immensely the talent, the capacity to understand complex ideas and to create new ones that some people have.

At the same time, it makes me sad when I see most of them not doing anything with this precious gift. I have a colleague at work that is very intelligent and at the same time very lazy. I have made it my mission to get the laziness out of him and make him understand how great he can be. At the same time, hard work can overcome and usually does, talent. It is not enough to be gifted if you don’t nurture your talent. I think first, people need to see how important they can be to the world and secondly they need to understand that talent alone is not enough.

Yes, you might get more chances in particular situations because people see your capacities, but slowly you will run out of chances and if you don’t take advantage of them you will never reach your full potential.

The few people that changed the world, the 2% you everyone mentions, are the ones who cultivated their talent and capacity with hard work, determination and a clear target in their head.

We need to respect our gifts if we are lucky to have them or support and guide the ones that do. Both sides are equally important and cannot function without the other.

No matter which side you are part of, be the best you can be. There will be bumps on the way but history proves us that the final result is worth it. We owe this to the world, we owe it to our family, to our friends and most importantly to ourselves.

Which group are you part of? Do you know someone you could help? Do you need help?

Never be afraid to ask, you have nothing to lose.

Take care and keep believing in you


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