Why we hate heraing the truth

The problem with hearing the truth

We live in this world where everyone is extremely careful on what they say to each other, careful not to upset someone else, even if they are 100% right and justified to do so. Have you ever wondered why people act like this?

My personal opinion is that people are not prepared to hear the truth as it will disturb their safety and comfort zone, their convictions, their beliefs, their picture of the world. If you ask 100 people on the street, what will they choose between hearing the truth or not, the majority of them will say, hearing the truth. But is that actually true?

If yes, then how many of you will get offended when at work after you invested in a project, 2-3 weeks of your time, your boss tells you that your project wasn’t good, that you haven’t delivered what was expected from you, with your boss being rightful to do so as the quality was poor? Will you accept the truth, take it as constructive feedback for next time, or will you get angry, upset and start thinking at all the hours that you put into the project and imagine what a jerk he or she is? Most people will get offended because society these days rewards everyone, the hard worker and the lazy person.

We offer 1st prizes and participation certificates so that no-one will feel left out. Society puts an accent on cheap, on quantity and forgets about quality.  I know that done is better than perfect, but this is not the case here.

How would you feel if you pay for an expensive car and you get a budget car instead? Not very happy, right? The salesperson might say that it’s still a car at the end of the day. You see the problem here…? 

We need to:

  • embrace the truth
  • accept our mistakes
  • work hard
  • accept feedback, positive and negative
  • give feedback, positive and negative

This if we really want acknowledgement and respect from people who matter to us.

People who deliver and meet the expectations set for them will always be noticed. The rest of us we will have to accept a participation diploma if we don’t step out of our comfort zone. 

We need to hear the truth more often and encourage people to say it. Managers should support their staff to do so, owners should accept feedback from their employees even if it’s negative. You want to improve yourself or your company, otherwise, you will keep living in your own bubble. 

Hearing the truth will allow us to correct our actions, it will make us more determined, more eager to do a great job. You will then get noticed, great people stand out like gold in the mud. 

I would love to hear your opinion on this subject. What is your view on this topic? 

Take care and never stop believing in you 


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